3 Ways to Make Guaranteed Profit at Fairspin Casino


  1. What is a TFS token?
  2. How you can get 200 TFS tokens for free
  3. How you can earn money with TFS tokens
  4. At the bottom line

Real money games are not the only way to earn on online casinos anymore. Fairspin Casino allows you to earn money by staking tokens. Register at Fairspin and receive your first 200 TFS tokens for free that you can use to start making a guaranteed profit. Find out the 3 ways to earn with TFS tokens in this post. 


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Tap the Play Now link and go straight to the Fairspin registration page. It will take you a couple of minutes to sign up and you’ll receive your 200 tokens for free. If you want to check out the casino review first, go to our detailed Fairspin review.

What is a TFS token?

If you join Fairspin, you’ll soon find out that the TFS token is an internal cryptocurrency of the casino. And like any cryptocurrency, TFS can be multiplied and used as an additional source of income.

TFS tokens can be found on popular trusted networks such as the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. Every transaction you make using TFS tokens, be it a deposit or withdrawal, will be 100% secure. 

The best thing about Fairspin’s work and its TFS token system is that you can track your spending and income. The casino has integrated the Trueplay Explorer that shows all your transactions and wins. This makes all your casino steps transparent and fair so that no one can interfere with your finances.

Players can view their income data, Fairspin’s bankroll as well as the actions on the TFS token performed in the blockchain.

How you can get 200 TFS tokens for free

Every new player who signs up at Fairspin Casino receives 200 TFS tokens. You don’t have to make a deposit for this, it’s just a casino gift upon registration.

The 200 tokens are free of wagering requirements and you can use them as you wish in the following ways to earn money.

How you can earn money with TFS tokens

Fairspin launched three programs, within which you can earn money using TFS. These include:

  1. Hold to Earn
  2. Liquidity Staking
  3. Play to Earn

So let’s dive deep into the details about each of them.

Hold to Earn

This is just what it sounds like — you need to hold tokens to earn money. What you do is stake your own TFS tokens on the casino site for a certain period. And then, you receive a percentage from the online casino prize pool. 

You can choose a time period for staking the tokens: 8 hours, 1 day, or 3 days. Or you can practice staking without a time limit. Once the time is over, you receive your tokens back and additionally get a percentage of Fairspin’s profit during this period. 

If you choose an 8-hour period, you receive 1% of the casino income. If you stake for 1 day, you make 2% of the casino profit. And if you choose to stake for 3 days, then the casino shares 0.5% of its profit with you.

However, the size of the reward depends not only on the chosen period and the casino’s income for the chosen period. It also depends on how many Fairspin players are holding the tokens at the same time as you. The fewer the players, the better your result.

You can be absolutely calm if you wonder what happens with your TFS tokens during the staking period. The tokens are locked up for the chosen period, which means you never lose them. As soon as the period is over, you get them back. Moreover, tokens are multiplying thus they increase your percentage in the staking pool. Every year, you can receive more than 500% of your profit by participating in the Hold to Earn program.

Liquidity Staking

With Fairspin’s TFS you can earn money in another way — store TFS and use them in the digital ecosystem known as DeFi. Tokens staked in this program help the TFS token improve its liquidity in the TFS-USDT pool on PancakeSwap.

The result from liquidity staking positively reflects on the token’s price and its position in the cryptocurrency market. 

Unlike the Hold to Earn program, this one is permanent. And if you choose this option, it will continue staking until you stop it. Meanwhile, you can withdraw the reward from the liquidity staking option at any time. If you request to cash out the entire amount of tokens, you get them back immediately. But you can withdraw just a part of your staked tokens, then the reward will be recalculated.

The longer you keep staking TFS, the bigger the passive profit. And the amount of the profit depends on the Fairspin Casino’s revenue, the number of tokens you stake, and your multiplier. The multiplier can change depending on how long you’re staking.

If you stake for 1 day, your multiplier is x0.3. If you stake from a week to a month, your multiplier grows to x0.6. And if you’re staking the tokens for more than one month, you get a 1x multiplier.

Play to Earn

Another great option to earn money at Fairspin is to take part in the Play to Earn program. It allows you to receive rakeback on every bet you place. It doesn’t work like cashback in traditional online casinos where you must wait a week or a month to get your promised cashback on losses. 

The rakeback system gives you a percentage of your bet placed in a game. It doesn’t matter how much you wagered or how much you lost, you will receive rakeback in TFS immediately. At that same time, you can use the TFS tokens for staking to make a profit.

The Play to Earn program is closely connected with the loyalty program at Fairspin. The amount of TFSs you get from betting determines the number of points in the loyalty program.

And your loyalty level determines your staking limit. It is calculated from the rakeback TFS plus a multiplier. In the beginning, players have a 5,000x staking limit. And players on the final loyalty level have an increased multiplier of up to 15,000x.

The rakeback received in terms of the Play to Earn program is determined by your level in the loyalty program and the games you choose to play.

At the bottom line

Fairspin Casino is not only a gambling platform for players. It combines gaming and staking to help you make guaranteed profits from every single visit to the casino site. And if you aren’t lucky with games at the moment, you can earn money from three other sources: Play to Earn, Liquidity Staking, and Play to Earn with its rakeback.

Posted Monday, July 03, 2023

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