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Best Online Keno Casinos in Canada


  1. Best Online Casinos to Play Keno
  2. Is Keno Casino Fair
  3. How to Play Online Keno
  4. Why Choose to Play Keno
  5. Keno Payout
  6. How to Win Playing Keno
  7. Online Keno Tips
  8. Closing Thoughts on Keno

A classic gambling game, keno, maybe is a bit old-fashioned now. However, there are many keno-enthusiasts among casino players. Keno game is similar to a lottery with a bit different rules. It is not like a slot machine at all, which is why it’s unique. According to the game rules, players use specific cards. Though the online version of keno will show your cards with numbers on the screen. Online casinos offer to play keno, keno bonuses, or general bonuses, which you can spend at keno as well.

Best Online Casinos to Play Keno


1600 $

Welcome bonus

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1500 $

Welcome bonus

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1000 $

Welcome bonus

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1000 $

Welcome bonus

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1500 $

Welcome bonus

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These are the best online casinos that offer to play keno games. They are approved in terms of security, banking options, game variety, keno bonuses, and qualitative support. Check some of them and try out your favorite keno game. Before starting, make sure to understand the terms. These rules are what you agree with when signing up.

Is Keno Casino Fair

Keno-players can win a lot at the game, though when it comes to payout, it may seem difficult. The reason for that is the fairness of the casino you’ve chosen. Always select reliable online casinos to play games.

So, what is the best casino to play keno? First of all, the best casino should be legal and must pay out for real. Make sure the casino is fair by looking for its official information, licenses, and results of fairness approval. This all can be found on the main page of a casino or in terms and privacy policy. Check it out and also see comments about a casino and its payout policy.

You can also rely on our opinion when choosing a keno casino. Choose one of those mentioned above and play for real money. Besides, check out our page about the casino reviews. It might have something more suitable for your preferences.

How to Play Online Keno

Keno is a simple game. You don’t need to have special skills to play keno online. As we said, keno is similar to lottery games. And if you have ever played a lottery, then you are almost ready to take up keno. However, we will still give you a guide on how to play keno.

  1. Pick one of the recommended casinos above. Sign up with your new account.
  2. To play for real money, you need to make a deposit. Use your preferred method to deposit your first money to the casino.
  3. If you want to claim a welcome bonus, you should do it along with the deposit.
  4. Search for the keno game in the lobby of the casino. You can pick live keno or video keno game.
  5. Now you need to select numbers on the cards. Usually, a keno game has an 80-number card and allows you to select up to 10 numbers. But there are games that let you pick even 20 numbers.
  6. By picking the numbers, you make bets. As soon as you’ve picked all numbers, the draw will begin.
  7. Online keno automatically checks the cards and the winning numbers. If any of them match, you win real money.

That is practically all that you need to do to play keno. Just pick numbers and wait for the results. Let Lady Luck come to your side and win a few rounds for you.

Why Choose to Play Keno

If you are still in doubt about whether to play keno or not, read this section. These are the top reasons why you need to choose keno games to play.

Easy to navigate and play

Perhaps, there is no other game that is as much easy as keno. Only slots can be compared to keno in simplicity. To win at keno you only need to match the numbers. Even fresh players can easily play keno games and win a considerable sum. So, choose keno games if you aren’t in the mood to think about the game process.

Instant wins

Comparing to lottery games, playing which you need to wait a few days for the result, keno game is instant. At one moment you pick numbers. And in a few seconds, you can already see if you won or lost this round.

If you are playing keno in a land-based casino, you will also need to wait a few minutes before the draw starts and all numbers are shown. But this doesn’t happen when you play keno online. The results are here and now. Besides, the game automatically matches the drawn numbers with your picked ones.

Huge wins

Alright, they are not guaranteed but may happen. And the best thing about it is that you can influence the huge outcome. Keno wins are dependent on the price of your ticket, the game variant, and how many numbers you’ve picked, and of course, how many of them you’ve matched. If you match five numbers, you can win hundreds of times your bet. And what outcome can be if you match all ten or twenty numbers? Special games of keno offer progressive jackpots worth over millions.

Many variants of keno

Classic keno games with basic rules are abundant, but there are many variants of keno with different rules. For example, according to the rules of Power Keno, if you match the last drawn ball, you can benefit 4x more. Or a Bonus Spot Keno game that offers multipliers for the first ball match.

Keno is bonus-friendly

Many online casinos give a certain list of games that can contribute towards the wagering requirement if played with the bonus. Keno is usually on that list, so you can use your welcome bonus to play keno.

Keno Payout

Payout is what you benefit from playing a keno game in a proportion to your wagered money. For example, if a payout of keno game states as 96%, the casino pays out $96 on each $100 wagered. The casino’s house edge is $4. Though, it’s in theory.

However, the 96% is not what you’ll really get on each bet you make. This figure is theoretically based on the results taken from thousands of keno players during a long time period. Still, it’s better to choose a keno casino that offers games with a high payout. A good gambling site will offer a keno payout percentage between 95% and 98%.

How to Win Playing Keno

There is no exact answer to this question. You should know it if you are familiar with online gambling because all casino games are luck-based. Keno is not an exclusion. Keno is a game of luck. Moreover, it’s hardly possible to influence the outcome. What you do is just picking numbers and watching the show.

Nonetheless, you can minimize your losses by using some tips. For example, you can play with bets. So, start with the minimum bets. If you win, you can increase your next bet. If you lose, decrease it for the next round. It doesn’t affect the upcoming result, but at least you minimize your losses.

Remember that keno games are based on the random number generator (RNG) mechanism. This RNG determines the numbers drawn after you placed your bets. Consequently, there is nothing you can do to change the numbers.

We also recommend that you pay attention to the minimum amount of numbers that a keno game allows you to bet on. If it allows you to bet with one number, the game is not considered a reliable one. But if you are required to pick at least two numbers, this game is safe to play.

Online Keno Tips

Although the game is totally random, you can try to make the most out of it. Use the following tips to get your best keno win.

  1. Play consistently. As the gameplay goes, you can note which numbers come up more frequently. Next time you can mix these frequent numbers with the other low-frequency numbers. This can increase your odds.
  2. Check the payout chart beforehand. Keno games should provide the charts of previous payouts. Before you place bets, look at the payout chart to determine the best betting options.
  3. Don’t ignore casino bonuses. Online casino bonuses can be very useful when you just start gambling. Most of them involve good perks for keno games. So, don’t ignore this helping hand at the start.
  4. Manage your bankroll. Gambling can be addictive. That is why it’s advisable to limit yourself to a certain amount of money. Do not bet more than you can afford and everything will be alright. If you are on a budget and don’t wish to waste all your money on the first round, prepare yourself for the game. Determine how many rounds you will play according to your affordable money.

Closing Thoughts on Keno

Keno is a simple game that you can enjoy anytime at online casinos. Open it on any of the recommended gambling sites, place your bets, and play. Once again, you can trust our choice of casinos because we’ve tried them out and reviewed them in detail.

Don’t forget to read the game rules of a keno variation you’ve chosen to play today. Also, use the tips to play keno games with a higher profit. Stick to your strategy, but at the same time, be strict to yourself not letting you fall deep into the gambling addiction. If you want to learn more about addiction, check out our gambling blog.

Posted Sunday, July 09, 2023

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