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Golden Star Casino Statuses & Points

Golden Star Casino is a well-established gambling platform that was built in 2012. It is fair, mobile-friendly, accepts cryptocurrency, and offers to play nearly 3,000 casino games. However, its games and regular promotions are not the only ways to earn money and get a positive gambling experience. Golden Star players can progress through levels, reach statuses, and get rewarded!

How the Golden Star loyalty program works

The loyalty program at Golden Star looks very similar to typical casino loyalty clubs. It includes levels, statuses, and complimentary points (CP).

At Golden Star, there are six statuses players can reach over time: New Star, Bronze Star, Silver Star, Golden Star, Platinum Star, and Black Pearl. Typically, the higher you go, the better your casino experience and rewards.

To move through the 6 levels, players need to play slot machines. Each real money bet increases the amount of a player’s CPs.

Later, complimentary points can be exchanged for bonus money according to the current exchange rate. The rate can vary depending on the level of a player.

How to level up at Golden Star

Every time you play real money slots at Golden Star casino, you earn points. Once you collect a certain amount of CPs, you reach a new status.

  1. When a player is just starting his journey at Golden Star, he has a New Star status. He keeps this status until he earns 150 CP.
  2. As soon as a player gets 150 CPs and more, he levels up to the second status of Bronze Star.
  3. To reach the Silver Star status, a player needs to collect 1,000 comp points and keep playing until he reaches the next status.
  4. The Golden Star status is opened when a player has 5,000 CPs on his account.
  5. To become a Platinum Star, a player has to earn 15,000 CPs in real money slots.
  6. And finally, to receive the Black Pearl status, a player needs to collect 30,000 and more comp points.

To collect 1 comp point, you need to wager CA$140 on any slot machines in the lobby of Golden Star Casino. So, to move from the first level to the next, you need to wager CA$21,000 in real money.

Although it seems like a pretty high amount of money, you should not worry. First of all, you don’t have to deposit that much. This sum will be collected while you are playing slots. As you win and lose, you will certainly have some nice hits. And if you don’t decide to cash them out, you can continue betting your winnings back on the game and contribute to your CPs.

How to exchange comp points for bonuses

Players on all statuses can exchange comp points at a certain rate. As we said, this rate varies depending on the status:

  1. When you are a New Star, your exchange rate is 15:1. In other words, you can exchange 15 CP for 1 bonus credit.
  2. Your exchange rate decreases to 14:1 when you reach the Bronze Star level.
  3. On the Silver Star status, you are able to exchange CPs at a 13:1 rate.
  4. Golden Star status opens the opportunity to exchange points for bonuses at a 12:1 rate.
  5. Once you get to the Platinum Star level, your exchange rate changes to 11:1.
  6. And as soon as you are a Black Pearl, you can exchange points for bonuses at a rate of 10:1.

In fact, exchanged comp points become real money credits that must be wagered 3 times before you can use them as you wish. And once you wager the money thrice on different games, you can cash it out or wager it on your favorite games.

Make sure to wager bonus money on eligible games only. Besides, keep in mind that the maximum bet amount when wagering is CA$7.5 or 0.000125 BTC if you are playing with crypto.

For example, you are on the first level, and you’ve got 120 comp points. Once you exchange them, you receive CA$8. However, they are locked until you complete the 3x wagering requirement. So you need to wager CA$24 to clear the money. Once you do that, you are free to use your money as you wish.

Who is the Golden Star loyalty program for?

Of course, everyone is eligible for participation in the loyalty program. Moreover, Golden Star players get enrolled in the program automatically when they sign up and play for real money.

But since the loyalty program is very specific, it will be highly interesting for certain groups of players:

Slot fans

First of all, Golden Star and its loyalty scheme will be the best choice for slot players. If you enjoy slots more than any other gambling game, you should try it. Since comp points can be earned for playing only real money slots, you should spend almost all your gambling time in the slots category.

However, once you redeem your bonus money from comp points, you can use it on different games, not only slots. Live dealers, table games, and other sections are at your disposal.


Some people may consider the cost of 1 CP a pretty high sum of money. But not high-rollers. Players who can afford high stakes and deposits will not notice a big difference. Just the other way round, it makes it a bit more interesting to earn comp points because the cost of a point is bigger than at other online casinos.

Besides, high-rollers can pretend for better exchange rates and other conditions. If you contact customer support with a particular request (such as to increase a withdrawal limit or make cash-outs faster), they may meet your needs very quickly.

In conclusion

Canadian players have a lot of loyalty programs to choose from. Every online casino offers its own club with its own perks. If you want to become a loyal player and receive rewards from your casino, you need to find a loyalty program that suits you better. So do research on different casinos, and use our casino reviews and specific posts about casinos’ loyalty clubs to find your favorite.

We suggest you read our latest posts about the Gioo Casino VIP program and the loyalty club at Rolling Slots. Also, you might be interested in other casino rewarding schemes, so we recommend you to read the post about Jackpot City free loyalty points.

Posted Sunday, January 15, 2023

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