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Best Online Casino for Poker in the Netherlands


  1. Best Online Poker Sites
  2. What Makes The Best Online Poker Rooms
  3. Best Online Poker Casinos for Beginners
  4. Best Poker Casinos for Advanced Players
  5. Poker with Friends
  6. Types of Online Poker
  7. How To Win Real Money At Poker
  8. Online Poker Tips
  9. Why Table Position Matters
  10. Poker Bankroll Management
  11. Playing Multiple Poker Tables
  12. Counting Cards in Poker
  13. Choose Your Best Casino to Play Poker

The only gambling game where you play with people, not cards — poker. It's a very old game but it's so exciting that there are still so many Dutch players who love poker. Luckily, now you can play poker anywhere and from the comfort of your home. Check out the best online casinos for poker in the Netherlands.

Best Online Poker Sites


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This list comprises the most popular in the Netherlands and the best casinos online having video poker or live poker games in their lobby. Visit at least one of the mentioned poker casinos and we can say for sure, you will be satisfied with your choice.

There you will find a poker game to your taste. The casinos not only offer the best poker variety but also match the high-quality standard requirements in terms of payouts and service. Remember to read the terms mentioned on the casino site to avoid any trouble.

What Makes The Best Online Poker Rooms

To identify whether the poker site is a good one, you need to do careful research on it. That is also how we review top poker sites, that is why you can trust our selection of online poker rooms in the list above. The following things are those to look for at the best poker site.


Real money poker sites must have a good reputation to offer fair games to online poker players. If you are searching for a poker site by yourself we recommend that you pay attention to the site’s licensing information and the company official data. Keep in mind that only licensed poker rooms are worth joining.

Freerolls and Other Bonuses

A good poker website will always treat its players with generous incentives like freerolls and other extra promos. The rewarding system is very important for keeping players for a long time. That is why a good bonus system is required. Make sure you like the bonuses offered at your chosen poker site. But before joining it and claiming the bonuses, clarify the bonus terms and conditions.

A freeroll is a poker tournament with a real-money prize pool. Any player can join the fun without having to pay entry fees. If you haven’t heard of it, you should try freerolling at least once in your life.

Variety of Games

We know that you look for a poker site for a poker experience, but the site should have something else in store just to ease your mind. Except for numerous poker variations that should be included in the room, you might want to take part in a tournament among poker players. So, check for the other gambling options available in the casino.

Mobile Poker

Playing poker online is available on your mobile device at any time and at any place. A good poker casino should keep up with the technological trends. If your poker site has an optimized mobile website or a mobile app for your device whether you have an iOS or Android-powered phone or tablet.

Fast Payout Speed

Quick and easy payouts are a hallmark of any trusted casino site. If you play fairly, there should not be any trouble with cashing out your money. Make sure to use a trustworthy payment service that delivers money fast and easily.


The best online poker sites have a steady flow of players that take their virtual seats by the poker tables. If there aren’t enough players, the game isn’t worth playing. Remember that if the site is popular, it will always have players that will share a poker table with you.

Best Online Poker Casinos for Beginners

Beginners know only the basic rules of poker, that is why the best poker sites for newbies will be those that offer plenty of Texas Hold’Em games. Besides, these sites offer simple variations that players can enjoy with low stakes. Beginners need to practice poker games in order to master them. That is why the low-stake game variety is important for newbies. Here are the other important criteria you should bear in mind while looking for a poker site for beginners.

  • Low-stake tournaments 
  • Many bonuses and promos for poker
  • Clear terms and conditions

Best Poker Casinos for Advanced Players

Players who have played online poker for a certain time now have a good understanding of the specifics of playing poker. They can have some difficulties in finding the preferred gambling site because they know what features to look out for. Here are the points by which you as an advanced player can judge the casino. If the poker website includes the following features, you can join it and enjoy online gambling.

  • Wide range of poker variations 
  • Poker games with a good competition
  • Tournaments with considerable prize pools
  • Poker tables with high stakes

Poker with Friends

It’s more fun to play poker with friends. And it’s better to do so online, which is why many gambling sites allow you to play with your friends. Besides, you can choose what kind of game to play, cash games, tournaments, and etc.

To start playing with your friends, all of you must register with one poker casino. Then, you all can join one poker table and play against each other. It doesn’t matter where you play. You can play on your desktop, while your friends will play on their mobile devices.

Types of Online Poker

Although poker is a unique game with specific rules, there are several variations of poker. You can find them online on your mobile poker app or desktop poker websites.

  • Texas Hold’em
  • Razz
  • Caribbean Stud
  • Seven-Card Stud
  • Omaha High/Low
  • Five-Card Draw
  • Pai Gow

The most popular variation of poker is Texas Hold’Em. It is played both online and offline. But we recommend trying all the poker types. Maybe you’ll find something new for yourself.

How To Win Real Money At Poker

Real money online poker sites can bring our bankroll to a new level. However, this mainly depends on your skills and knowledge. All poker winners know what they are doing when placing bets and revealing their cards.

  • They perfectly know poker hand ranking
  • Pros understand why table position matters and how it functions
  • They know how to manage and maintain their bankroll

If these sentences make you doubt your skills, then you definitely should read further to learn about the top winning practices.

Online Poker Tips

The following tips will help you master poker games and leave the table as a winner.

  1. Play people, not cards. Although poker is a gambling game with cards, they are just instruments for leading the game. In fact, you should study your opponents and their poker habits. In online poker, it can be more difficult as you can’t see the other players in the face. But you can watch their betting habits which will tell you a lot about your opponents.
  2. Use multi-tabling. Playing at multiple poker tables is more fun than playing at a single poker table. This practice will increase your winnings because you can win at many tables at a time. However, if you are a beginner, be careful with multi-tabling and don’t take on too many as it can be too difficult to manage them all.
  3. Practice micro-stakes. Unlike in land-based poker rooms where you have to place big stakes, at online casinos you can wager small amounts of money that worth only a few cents. So, if you are on a budget, enjoy this thrilling chance!

Why Table Position Matters

If you are sure that your starting hand matters more than your seat at the table, you are mistaken. Online poker games as well as offline poker are all about your table position. It doesn’t matter what variant of poker you choose to play, the importance of table position must be considered.

Late position

A late position means that you are the last or near last to bet. If you take the late position, you can watch what other players do before making your decision. For example, some players can fold their cards, or a few players may have called a bet. If you are late to bet, you can raise your bets to give this game more fun.

Also, you are advised to play strong hands being in a late position. However, remember to mix it up with marginal hands such as Q-10, J-9, A-9. This can be an aggressive play, but it adds credibility to a strong play for the next round (if it’s your decision).

Early position

The early position is the opposite of the late position meaning you are the first to make the betting decision. In an early position, you should stick with strong hands. But you don’t have any idea what the player in a late position will do. He might want to decide to raise the bet. Or you may call the bet, which means you will be the first to bet after the flop.

Advanced poker players seldom choose to play any hands in an early position. But if you do play the hand, you must be decent in your decision.

Poker Bankroll Management

If you are a casino player, you know how it’s important to manage your bankroll wisely. In fact, it is recommended when you deal with gambling games. You should sort out your money before you start playing.

Of course, if you have a lot of free money, you might want to spend them all on games and it could be a good decision in some cases. However, you might not have a lot of funds behind you, and this may quickly make you broke

To manage your bankroll, the best advice would be to put aside an amount of money that you will spend exclusively for casino games. If you gamble it all away, then you should not take the other money you’ve got. But if you hit a big win, you can easily withdraw the money or play the money through the games and try to make your balance higher.

When you play real money poker games, you should have a specific amount of money for your games, especially for multi tables, and spend this money within a day, a week, or a month (this depends on your time management). If you play poker tournaments, you can spend money to make 50 bets. You can also create your own method of managing the bankroll.

Playing Multiple Poker Tables

If you are going to play poker as a career gambler, then you should learn to play online poker at multiple tables.

Multi-tabling means opening several poker tables on your screen. The number of tables depends on how many you can physically and financially manage at one and the same time. Many professional players can play from 16 to 24 poker games online at once regardless of their type and variation. Multi-tabling allows faster play, higher return to investment, and more volume.

Besides, if you have claimed a deposit bonus to play at poker rooms, playing at multiple tables will help you complete the wagering requirements faster.

Counting Cards in Poker

Everyone knows that counting cards is not really allowed, but it helps you to keep track of which cards are left in the deck. Knowing this can help you make your next decision. Counting cards in blackjack is popular and pretty easy, but things are different when it comes to counting cards in poker.

It will be hardly possible to count cards in online poker because the deck is regularly shuffled. They shuffle the decks randomly each round. So, counting cards is better to do in a land-based casino. Here’s how you can count the cards in offline poker.

  1. Consider what cards you need to complete your hand.
  2. Look at the table and study which numbers and suits of cards are already seen.
  3. Now you can count how many are left unseen (in the deck and in the hands of your opponents).
  4. Divide this number by the total number of invisible cards.
  5. The resulting number is your chance of getting the desired card.

Choose Your Best Casino to Play Poker

If you want to choose an online casino for poker that provides the best service in terms of entertainment and overall, the first thing you should look for is a variety of card games. Only those casinos that specialize in table games offer the best collection of poker games.

Second, but no less important, the casino should be legal, which is easily checked by the licenses shown on the casino website. Make sure the casino site provides all the other important points such as security service, support, bonuses at the top level. Remember to read the general regulations of the casino because you will have to follow them.

When you decide to play poker professionally, you should start with practicing poker at the low-stake games. As a beginner, make sure your poker website provides these poker games. As you master poker games, you can join a different casino that has poker rooms for advanced players with better incentives and more poker variations, and a diverse player pool.

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